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Rethinking Things

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Its been a great biking season, but after a few of these in the last 3 weeks…

and this…

it might be time to do this again…


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August 14, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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Switchin’ It Up

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I regret not signing up for Leadville this year.  The day of the deadline I sat in front of the computer debating whether or not I should do it.  It was the race fee that was holding me up.  I thought about it all winter and was 99% sure I was in.  At the time, the bank account was very low, in fact it was in the red for a while.  I probably could have put it in on a credit card, but I did not feel like I could justify the fee.

This year I have been on my bike 2-3 times a week and right now I feel like Leadville would have been a motivator for the rest of the season.  Instead I have very little motivation to get out and ride.  It’s my own fault.  Most of the rides I have been on since RAWROD have been leisure rides around Corner Canyon. I think its time to switch it up.

I used to have a road bike, but I sold it in order to get my singlespeed.  I regret selling it now because it would be a nice change-up to go from dirt to road at least one time per week.  I did not enjoy the road very much.  Every time I did a road ride, it felt more like excercise than it did a hobby.  I did have one great ride and that was with Dug.  He took me up American Fork canyon the day before I sold it and we had a screaming good time.  But it was not enough fun  to keep it, for some reason I was bored, so I was very happy to part with the bike.

Now I want a road bike.  I am going to have to come up with a business plan to propose to my wife that will convince her that purchasing one is a good decision.  Do I have a chance?  No.  Is it worth asking?  Absolutely.  Am I hoping she reads this and buys me one?  Of course.

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June 27, 2008 at 10:27 pm

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I Pity the Fool

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A few weeks ago I talked to Dug about doing RAWROD (I believe it stands for riding around white rim in one day) and he said I should try to get out 3-4 times a week and I would be good to go.  The weather got in my way of getting out that many times.  I did my best, but I knew I was in no shape to get on a bike and ride for 100 miles. I had my doubts and was very close to bailing on the trip altogether. I probably could have found a million excuses but never came up with a really good one. The night before, when I was scrambling around trying to find a bike, Dug texted me and said “if not now, when?”

The night before the ride I realized a few things. I realized that the Honda Ridgeline is not a wimpy truck but in fact Elden’s machine is the ultimate biking vehicle. I realized that I was screwed and that I was surrounded by some excellent bikers. I realized that Kenny is one of the nicest guys in the world by putting on RAWROD voluntarily. I realized that I like beer brats. I learned that I am not the only one that snores and that if you need something, like a sleeping bag you wake somebody up. Sorry Botched. I realized that waking up at 6 am in cold temperatures before a big ride is a good excuse not to ride. It was cold.

Crazy things go through the mind when you are on your bike alone in the desert. Delirium sets in and interesting conversations begin. Within the first ten miles I started this conversation with the trail. It was the same conversation Clubber Lang had about Rocky Balboa in Rocky III.  “Do you hate Sleepy? I don’t hate him, I pity the fool. What is your prediction for this ride? My prediction? PAIN.” This conversation played through my mind for the next 90 miles! I could not shake it, so I accepted it. I was going to be in pain the rest of the day.

I remember that after the first stop I was feeling pretty good. I know it was only 27 miles to the first stop, but I had never been on a bike that long before and I was pretty proud of myself. In fact, I tried to run a marathon a few years ago and did not finish. I figured that getting through this ride makes up for it and I will never have to redeem myself and run another marathon. But after the first stop I started feeling my legs go. I could tell that I was going to cramp up because I could feel the twitch in my leg every time I put a little pressure on the pedals. So for the next 30 miles to lunch all I was thinking was “I should have ordered the foot long cold-cut combo, why did I only get the six-inch?” At that point I was completely cooked. I had plenty of opportunities to throw in the towel but honestly it never really crossed my mind that I would not finish. I was determined. Apparently I did not look determined. I know I sweat a lot but I must have looked quite salty.  I could actually feel the salt caked on my face.

So, to my surprise I made it to lunch. I was thinking “sweet, I’m done”. But as soon as I rolled up, Dug and Brad were waiting with supplies to keep me going. Within 10 minutes I ate two pickles, a can of chicken noodle and stars, Tums, beef jerky, my puny 6″ cold cut combo, trail mix, water, carborocket, and Diet Coke.

After lunch, I felt pretty good. I knew it was going to be a long day but the rest of the trail was two miles of gradual climbing followed by two miles rolling downhill. At the time it felt like I was always climbing. I had the iPod in and tried to find a rhythm that wouldn’t cause cramping.  After a few hours I noticed a huge climb ahead of me. I thought that there was no way I was going to make it up. I was already cramping but I figured I had to try every climb. I went up the first little section and felt pretty good, but then I turned the corner and it got very steep. I was in trouble. Before I could click out of my pedals both legs locked up straight. I fell over with both feet still clipped in. Luckily the sag wagon was right behind me. Someone jumped out of the truck and rushed over to me. I was pretty much out of it, blinded by the pain of all of my leg muscles cramping up. He handed me something and said “eat this”. I’m not sure what it was and at the time I probably would have accepted pooh sticks, but whatever it was, it seemed to help. He continued to try to get my legs to bend and finally he was able get them out of the locked position. He threw my bike in the back of the truck and said “get in”. I thought about it for a millisecond and quickly took him up on the offer.

It was hot, but because of exhaustion I still had my long sleeve jersey on after 85 miles. I got to the top of Hardscrabble and I heard Brad yell out, “Dug we need to pin Sleepy down and get that long sleeve jersey off.”  I figured I would waste needed energy fighting them off, so I dropped my bike and stripped down.

  I don’t remember very much after this point. It was a blur. I do remember the last ten miles were the longest miles of the ride. I kept thinking we were getting close to the last climb. I started to lose hope because I could feel my legs going again. We finally made it to the bottom of the switchbacks and I fell over again with cramps. This time it was right in the middle of the road and I scrambled a few times to get out of the way of some vehicles. Dug decided he was ready to go and he went. I watched him go up and it nearly made me puke. It looked steep. After I watched him for a few minutes, I decided it was now or never.So I slowly began my climb and learned it was much steeper than it looked. So about ¾ of the way up I decided I needed to walk.  I went around a switchback and heard Brad yelling and pointing out that there were only two more switchbacks to go. I had made the decision to walk the rest, but after seeing him at the top I decided to jump back on the bike. I slowly made my way to the top and quickly forgot about all the pain during the ride. I was happy.

As much as I hated the ride, I loved it. During the ride, I said I would never do it again, but when I got to the top I was ready to do it all over. So, when is the next big ride? I’m ready.


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April 29, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Forgot the Music

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I like listening to music while I ride. It distracts and entertains me at the same time. My weapon of choice is the iPod Shuffle. Its small and I can clip it anywhere on clothing, but I normally throw it into my jersey pocket. I like the fact that I can just load random music and go. Its perfect. Today I figured out there is another reason why I like listening to music on the trails. Today I was with Garret and after getting all the bikes set up we took off up the trails. After we climbed, we rested for a minute and thats when I usually do an inventory. I check to make sure that I still have my glasses, gloves are on tight, helmet strapped, and then put both headphones in. But today, I forgot the music. I thought it was no big deal and that I have done it before, so I headed down. As I was coming down Ghost, I freaked out because I could hear everything around me. I could hear the tires going over rocks or squirrels barreling down the hillsides. But what scared me more was in the turns I could hear the tires sliding as I was going in and out of them. I like to go fast but after hearing and realizing what goes on outside the ear buds I started to slow down . I’m hoping there are no long term effects. Next time i’ll remember the iPod, turn it up loud, and let it ride.

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April 5, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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Carbo Rocket

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I got my first container of Carbo Rocket last night. A friend that I ride with occasionally has come up with a sports drink. I have used water, gatorade, and I have even tried 1 part Red Bull and 3 parts water combination in my watter bottles. Normally anything with sugar will cause stomach pains for me. I haven’t had any problems with cramping but it sure does suck to be out on the trail and my stomach starts to ache. A few years ago I was with my brother in law Dug and we were riding up Provo Canyon and I had a Rockstar energy drink thinking it would give me a little boost for the ride, but I ended up puking at the top. Needless to say all energy drinks were off limits two hours prior to a ride from that point on. I have used Carbo Rocket for the last three rides and have not had any of the side effects the other drinks have caused. I think I will still have water in one bottle and put the Carbo Rocket in the other bottle. I like the way it tastes, it kinda mixes things up from just plain water. Its good stuff and if you want more or specific information on it, go to Brads site at www.carborocket.com

Trail Report

By the way I went out for a ride up corner canyon today and didn’t think I would have very many options due to the recent wet weather, but to my surprise I was able to climb from the equestrian center to the top of Ghost. It got really muddy in a hurry about eighty yards from the top of Ghost. Good stuff, I can’t wait until all of corner canyon opens up to ride.

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April 3, 2008 at 2:33 am

Riding with Wildlife

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I went out on Wednesday for a bike ride up Corner Canyon where some of the best trails exist in the state. I love it because I can ride from my garage and catch a singletrack to the network of trails. A few weeks ago the city put out a warning for Cougars. I have been close to one mountain lion in my life and it was up American Fork Canyon at 11:00 at night. I was riding alone back to the car after I had taken a fall and I heard something wrestling in the shrubs when my lights caught the reflection of some eyes in the bushes. I did not know exactly what it was but a few moments later it dashed in front of me as I was riding. I don’t think i was closer than 20 feet, but it sure made me pedal a little faster. On wednesday I had my second mountain lion encounter. I was riding up the bonneville shoreline trail when I saw a deer running uphill about 300 yards away. I looked behind it and saw that a large cat was right behind it. I was not aware that they were that large, I always thought that they were more like large kittens. As soon as I saw it, I turned around and went the other direction. It might be time to strap a blow dart or a spear to my bike for safety reasons. Better yet I should find some friends and start riding in groups.

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March 30, 2008 at 7:24 pm

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