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Should I Stop to Help?

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When I see people on the side of the road, I want to stop and help.  I normally don’t stop because I don’t think I could be of any help.  I pretty much talk myself out of it.  I say things like, “what could I possibly do?” or “they probably have a cell phone and help is on the way.”  So, after I check the rear view mirror to see if they are trying to flag me down, I drive by and forget about it.  If I did stop I wonder how it would go.  I’m sure the conversation would be a little awkward at first.  I would point out the obvious, make it look like I know what I’m doing by jiggling a few cables here and there and then immediately go to the cell phone for help.  I think that’s how it would play out.

So it finally happened to me. I was stuck on the side of the road on Thursday with a busted trailer. Within an hour I think 15-20 people stopped, looked and drove off.  Maybe 5 people actually made the effort to help. It pretty much played out like I thought, but some of the conversations surprised me.

One Summit County Deputy drove by slowly and then parked up ahead.  I thought that he could get me some numbers for a tow truck company or maybe offer some solutions on how to get me out of this mess. So he gets out of his car and walks up to me and says, “wow, you don’t see that everyday!”  He then turned around and hopped into his car and drove off.  WHAT THE !@&.  I’m still in shock over it.

Another guy helped point out the obvious.  He jumped out of his car like he was going to solve my problem.  He walked up, looked at the trailer and said, “Looks like the trailer tongue is bent.  You should call the trailer company and have them fix that.”  Ya think?  He obviously couldn’t help so I pretended like I had a phone call and he walked away.

The next guy that came by must have said the “F” word at least 100 times.  He would say, “F that, that is f-ing messed up, you ought to call those f-ers and have them replace that.”  That went on for a few minutes.  He did offer some good advice.  So other than the F-bombs it was a good stop.

The last guy that stopped by before the police showed up blew me out of the water.  He started talking about the trailer and then immediately dropped a sales pitch.  He said, “do you have 10 million dollars?  I have a great investment for you if you are interested.  It’s in southern Utah and we are looking for some people to put up some cash so we can mine platinum and gold on our property.”  He must have went on for at least ten minutes about it.  During the conversation I was thinking, “Dude, if I had 10 million do you think I would be stuck on the side of the road with this crappy trailer?  Wouldn’t you think if I had 10 million dollars I would get on the horn and have this mess taken care of by now?  I figured he thought it was a good chance to practice his sales pitch.  He is currently sending me a 90 page report about his gold mine.

Note to drivers everywhere:  If you don’t have equipment to help, don’t bother stopping.  Go with your first instincts.  Drive by, check the rear view mirror to see if anyone is flagging you down and then forget that you even saw anyone on the side of the road.


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June 20, 2008 at 10:48 pm

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Holy Bagel Batman!

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This morning I was driving around trying to find something to do with Tyler so my wife could get a few more hours of shut eye. Tyler said he was hungry so I started looking for a place to eat. I would normally get in line at the local McDonalds and get a #3 which is a small orange juice, a hashbrown, and a bacon egg cheese biscuit. But since RAWROD I have been constantly eating and maybe that is normal after epic rides, but I don’t know. So I passed up the McDonalds and headed to Einsteins thinking it might be a little healthier and I would probably save a dime. I ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese, a lrg. diet coke and a small sprite for the little one. To my surprise the total was $9.57. Holy @#%$!! The last time I checked I could buy a dozen bagels, cream cheese, and a 12 pack Diet coke for under that price. I was not going to battle it out with the employee at the drive thru because it isn’t her fault the prices are marked up, so I tucked my tail between my legs, paid and drove off. I am in the wrong business. Bagels is where it’s at. Time to shut down the construction business and open a bagel shop.

Written by Sleepy

May 2, 2008 at 10:37 am

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