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Forgot the Music

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I like listening to music while I ride. It distracts and entertains me at the same time. My weapon of choice is the iPod Shuffle. Its small and I can clip it anywhere on clothing, but I normally throw it into my jersey pocket. I like the fact that I can just load random music and go. Its perfect. Today I figured out there is another reason why I like listening to music on the trails. Today I was with Garret and after getting all the bikes set up we took off up the trails. After we climbed, we rested for a minute and thats when I usually do an inventory. I check to make sure that I still have my glasses, gloves are on tight, helmet strapped, and then put both headphones in. But today, I forgot the music. I thought it was no big deal and that I have done it before, so I headed down. As I was coming down Ghost, I freaked out because I could hear everything around me. I could hear the tires going over rocks or squirrels barreling down the hillsides. But what scared me more was in the turns I could hear the tires sliding as I was going in and out of them. I like to go fast but after hearing and realizing what goes on outside the ear buds I started to slow down . I’m hoping there are no long term effects. Next time i’ll remember the iPod, turn it up loud, and let it ride.


Written by Sleepy

April 5, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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