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I got my first container of Carbo Rocket last night. A friend that I ride with occasionally has come up with a sports drink. I have used water, gatorade, and I have even tried 1 part Red Bull and 3 parts water combination in my watter bottles. Normally anything with sugar will cause stomach pains for me. I haven’t had any problems with cramping but it sure does suck to be out on the trail and my stomach starts to ache. A few years ago I was with my brother in law Dug and we were riding up Provo Canyon and I had a Rockstar energy drink thinking it would give me a little boost for the ride, but I ended up puking at the top. Needless to say all energy drinks were off limits two hours prior to a ride from that point on. I have used Carbo Rocket for the last three rides and have not had any of the side effects the other drinks have caused. I think I will still have water in one bottle and put the Carbo Rocket in the other bottle. I like the way it tastes, it kinda mixes things up from just plain water. Its good stuff and if you want more or specific information on it, go to Brads site at www.carborocket.com

Trail Report

By the way I went out for a ride up corner canyon today and didn’t think I would have very many options due to the recent wet weather, but to my surprise I was able to climb from the equestrian center to the top of Ghost. It got really muddy in a hurry about eighty yards from the top of Ghost. Good stuff, I can’t wait until all of corner canyon opens up to ride.


Written by Sleepy

April 3, 2008 at 2:33 am