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I just need tight wranglers and a cowboy hat…

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Have you ever seen the movie the Emperors New Groove?  During the movie, Kuzco is turned into a lama and Pacha helps him find the magic potion to turn him back into the Emperor.  As they are trying different potions, Yzma (who turned Kuzco into the lama) swallows a potion that turns her into a cat.  While she’s talking,  she stops and says, “is that my voice?” in a very high pitched tone three times.  On Saturday that same quote came to mind as I was giving the best man toast at my brothers wedding. I started the toast and I could hear my voice over the speakers and it sounded like a very twangy southern accent.  I thought the DJ was playing a joke on me and hit a special button that made my voice sound like a good ol’ country boy. I paused a few times to make sure it was me.  Sure enough I picked up some accent from somewhere.  Maybe it was nerves or maybe it was from being in the orchard for 8 days harvesting almonds.  Whatever it was, I spent the rest of the night convincing people that I don’t have a twangy southern accent.


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October 5, 2009 at 10:57 pm

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