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3 a.m. televsion

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Recently my 6 year old has been finding his way into our bed at night.  This means that I get the boot.  I try to stay in bed and fight the urge to move to the couch, but he somehow ends up perpendicular to us and pushes me out of bed.  Last night it happened again.  I stumbled out of bed walked through the kitchen and as I was about to go down the stairs I remembered there were freshly baked cookies in the cupboard.  After 2-3 cookies, ok maybe 4, I go downstairs.  I jump on the computer and check out some Olympic updates and check the news.  I read through some headlines and sure enough I start clicking on the “entertainment and celebrity news”.  I found out that Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer are no longer a couple and I’m devastated.  It drives me nuts that I read those things, but I always click on them.

After I get done on the computer I turn on the TV.  I can’t find the remote so I’m stuck with the current channel.  Last night it was an infomercial.  I never get caught up in these, but after 30 minutes I start to think that I should buy this product.  It was the MONSTER 1200.  It’s a steam cleaner.  According to them it will clean anything!  I believed them.  I seriously thought I should buy it.  Somehow I convinced myself to wait and ask Jay if she wanted it.  I left the webpage open on the computer as a reminder so that when I woke up I would tell Jay about it.  But as soon as I started reading through it again I realized how ridiculous it was.  Now I know why it was on at 3 a.m.  They brainwash us into thinking these products work and that we should buy them NOW!  I think I need Jay to hide my wallet at night just in case I get the urge again.


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August 24, 2008 at 9:46 pm

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