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Bummer Dude

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I hate when I can’t get out on my bike. I knew what the weather forecast was calling for since Sunday and the two days that would have been perfect are gone. And here is what the weather looks like the next few days

It looks like it is going to clear on Sunday in time for the Intermountain Cup Race on Monday. But by that time I will be on the road to California for a family reunion until June 2nd. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to go see family. We don’t get together very often, so this time around it is special since all of us will be there. The only thing bumming me out is last year when I went home my goal was to not lose the strength I had built during the spring and summer. I was not fast at all, but I was away from biking for several years and started feeling comfortable on my bike again. Once I got out to Merced there was not much to do. I brought a road bike hoping that I would use it to ride the flats in the Central Valley. But instead of doing that, I opted to eat, sit and then eat some more. I really didn’t do anything that would constitute as exercise. By the time I got back, I was not as dedicated to biking as I was before the vacation.

So what am I going to do different this year? Nothing. I have accepted who I am. I know I am going to stop at every In N Out Burger starting in Nevada. I know I will eat a lot and not exercise. So all the folks along I-80 working at In N Out Burger be ready with a #2 and a chocolate shake. To go please.


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May 20, 2008 at 10:32 pm

All Apologies

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I wanted to apologize to the rider I passed up Clarks trail today for this…

I was climbing up Clarks trying to do the time trial (14:38. 2.5 minutes faster than last year. I am satisfied.) so I was’nt too worried about what I looked like or what was happening around me. I was trying to get up as fast as I could and keep down the Taco Bell lunch I had two hours prior. As I was climbing, an alert rider realized I was closing the gap quick so he pulled over. I said “thanks” and he blurted out, “nice crack”. To anyone out there who has seen the plumber contractor in me, I apologize. I wear baggie shorts. I like them. I notice I have to pull them up every few hundred yards, but they are so comfy and I can’t convert to the skin tight ones.

Maybe I will go buy a wresting singlet and see what happens. Until then I will make a better effort to keep my shorts up.

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May 16, 2008 at 11:23 pm

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like a kid on christmas eve

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I remember on Christmas Eve getting very little sleep because I was so excited about getting up early and celebrating Christmas. The anticipation and anxiety of Christmas used to keep me awake for hours and my parents were kind enough to put up with me crawling out of bed every ten minutes asking, “is it time to open presents yet?”

I grew out of that a few years ago. By now I thought I’d be mature enough to go to bed in any situation but I have noticed that I get really crappy sleep when there is an activity the next day. It could be at 4 pm and I would still get worked up the night before. It happened to me last night because we are riding this afternoon. I was in bed at eleven and I was staring at the ceiling for 30 minutes then found an excuse to get out of bed. I didn’t want to watch TV. So I wandered around the house trying to find something to do. I thought about cleaning the garage or doing the dishes, but I gave in and decided to watch TV. Two hours later I roll into bed completely frustrated because I know I’m going to be tired the next day. Once I am in bed I feel like I wake up every 20 minutes checking the clock to see if its time to get up. I finally string together a few hours of sleep and end up waking up 20 minutes earlier than I need to. It’s so maddening!  I don’t know what to do. I feel like a kid again except this time I am saying, “is it time to ride yet?”

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May 11, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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WIN Susan

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This is my favorite jersey I own. Not because it’s pink but for what it stands for. For me it is a symbol of survival, love and family. My mom had surgery to remove cancer 4-5 years ago and at the time I denied the fact that anything terrible could happen to her. However, the last few years my eyes have been opened and I have realized just how real and terrible things can turn.

Recently Elden posted on his blog bad news concerning his wife and her fight against cancer. If you haven’t already, please go read his posts at http://fatcyclist.com because I will not do it justice explaining some of things he and his family are facing. As I have been reading his posts I have been trying to think of some of the things I could do to help. We all offer our thoughts and prayers, I really don’t know what they need and I feel like I could do more to help. Well finally there is a way. Thanks to Kenny you can now make a donation to help. Kenny has set up a trust fund for Elden and his family to use at their discretion. Elden has explained some of the things they would use it for on his blog today. You can use a paypal account and send money to WinSusanNelson@gmail.com or you can use a credit card and go to Kenny’s website to donate.

We hope the Nelson’s know we are pulling for them. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

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May 8, 2008 at 3:23 pm

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Holy Bagel Batman!

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This morning I was driving around trying to find something to do with Tyler so my wife could get a few more hours of shut eye. Tyler said he was hungry so I started looking for a place to eat. I would normally get in line at the local McDonalds and get a #3 which is a small orange juice, a hashbrown, and a bacon egg cheese biscuit. But since RAWROD I have been constantly eating and maybe that is normal after epic rides, but I don’t know. So I passed up the McDonalds and headed to Einsteins thinking it might be a little healthier and I would probably save a dime. I ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese, a lrg. diet coke and a small sprite for the little one. To my surprise the total was $9.57. Holy @#%$!! The last time I checked I could buy a dozen bagels, cream cheese, and a 12 pack Diet coke for under that price. I was not going to battle it out with the employee at the drive thru because it isn’t her fault the prices are marked up, so I tucked my tail between my legs, paid and drove off. I am in the wrong business. Bagels is where it’s at. Time to shut down the construction business and open a bagel shop.

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May 2, 2008 at 10:37 am

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